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The Brief

The brand wanted to stand out among fierce competition and needed a point of difference in their content strategy to ensure the beauty communicate instantly understood the revolutionary technology behind the treatment.

The Solution

Our team approached this account with a beauty-led focus, working to communicate the results of the treatment rather than getting weighed down with science. Create newsletters, Blogs and informative social posts that were shareable gave the Lasemd account a unique flavour that became a favourite with Doctors across the GCC who quickly noted the treatment as a must-have for their clinics.

Our digital campaign strategy was to reach the most relevant users with creative campaign ads through direct targeting, driving the highest number of unique users to the Lasemd website and the re-target the potential website visitors with fresh content who had reached the Add-to-Cart step but didn’t purchase. This provided the client with a rich database to use for direct marketing.


Our strategy was to develop an editorial thematic content strategy to emphasis on the unique buying of the team and the exclusive pieces that some of the world’s best designers had created for their stores. Preparing for the launch of their e-commerce meant organizing their storytelling to communicate the brand identity and strengthen the online community to prepare for launch.


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