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The Brief

To position and create a digital brand guidelines for a fledgeling brand and to make it move fast – brand awareness and ultimately sales were immediate points of action.

The Solution

We were brought on just 2 short weeks pre-launch so a high-impact launch strategy was formed to address all possible opportunities for the brand to succeed fast. A clear brand communication guidelines and strategies for social, content and influencer campaigns
was put in place.

Strategy is the phonetic translation of “your clothes” in Arabic. After crunching data and coupling this with our fashion instincts we developed a strategy for that distinguished it from its’ peers and competitors. As a platform that was all about style – individualism, challenging the norms and disrupting the fashion landscape, our fast-moving content strategy utilized an eco-system of channels that were owned, paid, earned and also utilizing some of the most influential on Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube.

Conclusion & Results

Within 3 months, was on the map, and competitors were keeping an eye on it. Within 3 months we witnessed the following: 28,346.208 Impressions 23,565.000 Engagements

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